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Town of Popple River Town Hall

History of the Town of Popple River.

Nestled in the heart of the Nicolet National Forest in the northern part of Forest County, is the town of Popple River.  Population wise, Popple River is only a small part of the county with an average population of 50 people.  When it comes to PRIDE however, Popple River can match any other community in the Northwoods.  Most of the residences lie off Highway 139 on Forest Service Road 2404 or "Old 139" as it's called.  There you will find the Popple River Town Hall with its quaint antique barrel stove and it's reminiscences of days gone by.  

The Town hall was constructed in 1928.  The town solicited bids for the project and the low bid was $370.00.  At one time Popple River was part of the Town of Newald.  The whole area between Popple River and Newald was called the Town of Newald.  In March of 1925, the town split into two parts, the Town of Ross (which is present day Newald) and the Town of Newald (which is present day Popple River).

The town hall of Popple River still has a huge safe and stacks of minute books and ledgers that say "Town of Newald".  The village of Newald stayed with the Town of Ross and there was so much confusion for mail delivery etc, that in 1926, our name was changed to Town of Popple River and has remained so to this day.  In the 1920's and 1930's there was enough population in Popple River to have two elementary schools.  Today's elementary and high school attend school in Laona.

In the 1920's most towns took care of there own people.  They had a form of welfare which was called local poor-aid.  In 1932, a resolution was passed that stated if you needed town aid, you could not own any dogs or automobiles.  Also from records, it was recorded that in 1933 the town confiscated 7 head of cattle for back taxes and sold them for a total of $55.50.

In 1936, town labor was worth $.30 per hour.  It does appear that some important people in town who had fallen on hard times were helped by the town when Popple River paid the real estate taxes on 80 acres.  That total for the taxes came to $28.00.  This was in 1936.  All of these facts came from old meeting minutes books dating back to 1915.

Popple River is proud of it's heritage and we know that is what makes it a great area to visit, and a great area to fall in love with, and a great area to live

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